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Take a picture with Lara and Luis, the two mascots, and support your country’s Special Olympics team!

Become an ambassador for the concept of the Special Olympics: 18 countries in which UNIQA operates are sending athletes to the Special Olympics World Winter Games, sponsored and insured by UNIQA. All photos taken with Lara and Luis that are posted from one of these countries using the hashtag #Make2017Better will be counted towards the relevant country’s ranking. The three top-scoring countries will receive €5,000, €3,000 or €2,000 respectively for their national Special Olympics organisation. Furthermore, as a gesture of appreciation, all supporters will have a chance to win Lara and Luis soft toys three times a week.

Here’s how to take part

  • Use our photo generator to take a Lara and Luis picture of yourself.
  • Share the photo on the Facebook page of your country’s UNIQA agency or post it on your Instagram profile using the hashtag #Make2017Better.
  • Invite your friends to participate. This way, you will increase the chances that your country’s team will win.

Have you already taken a photo with one of the mascots or with a Lara and Luis soft toy? Then you can post it right now using the hashtag #Make2017Better!

Terms and Conditions of Participation

Lara & Luis photo generator

Take a photo of yourself with a Lara and Luis picture frame or turn yourself into the mascot using funny stickers.